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Chapter 1

Jay laughed and splashed in the cold Patapsco River. He drew in a large breath before several hands shoved his head deep under the surface. It was his turn, and he grinned at their muffled laughter.

Blurry legs were barely visible through the murky water. He plunged his legs toward the bottom to push to surface but couldn’t. Their grip on him tightened. More hands joined in and held him even tighter.

He couldn’t move. Air, he needed air. Let me go, let me up. This isn’t fun anymore. He flailed his arms and kicked his legs but couldn’t break free. His head pounded while his heart hammered against his chest that burned as it screamed for air and wanted to explode.

His body shuddered. He couldn’t hold his breath any longer. The chest was ready to burst open to satisfy its craving.

He stopped struggling and spewed air. Bubbles rose in front of him as water gushed in. He choked. Pain struck his chest as if it were smacked by a baseball bat. Arms dangled. They’re his but he couldn’t control them. It became quiet, a total absence of sound. An eerie calmness enveloped him. He was all alone and no longer felt pain.

He’s at peace…it was the end. He didn’t care. Light faded into darkness, total blackness as if he were submerged into a pool of ink. He couldn’t see. Where was he?   

A distant tiny light grew which he was compelled to follow. Someone was there, he felt their presence.



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Satan’s Sand

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